After 17 years of building meaningful relationship in communities across Canada, we’re excited to announce that snapd has evolved to Neighbur

Welcome to Neighbur. Our new interactive app and magazine platform is designed to connect you in the neighburhood with local events and ticketing, spontaneous moments and partner experiences empowering you to easily find, engage and experience what you’re looking for. It helps businesses, charities and organizations reach more people allowing them to tell their stories. Think of it as a powerhouse of engagement for you and your neighburs to start living again.

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App for your Guide to Local Living






Discover local events and get tickets. Submit your events and share photos from events you attend. Check out all photos from other events.



Set up ticketing and receive 100% of revenue. Reach a larger audience with free promotion. Manage ticket sales and scanning for entry.



Bring any printed piece to life with AR. Immersive experiences & engagement at-a-distance with links to other content. Just look for the vue icon.



Capturing spontaneous happenings. Whether enjoying a walk, at a restaurant with friends or out for a stroll downtown, share your moments in Neighbur.



Dedicated app experiences from local businesses, charities, organizations and government. As Neighbur grows so to will partner experiences.



A fully immersive experience infused with augmented reality. Grab your phone and hover images with the vue icon to trigger videos, animations, photos and more.