Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Create an Event

Create events with or without tickets is simple and you can get your event posted in a very short time.

Basic steps to follow include…

  1. Setup a neighbur account, if you don’t already have one
  2. Select CREATE EVENT from the main menu; you will have an option to create a new one or manage an existing one – select to create a new one
  3. Complete the event information – don’t forget to include an event image which highlights the event, set your specific venue details and include tickets, if required
  4. PREVIEW your event before you submit, making it easy to see what your customer will see
  5. Turn on tickets and select ADD TICKETS to add various general admission ticket types.
  6. SUBMIT your event to advertise across the website and neighbur App
  7. If tickets are available, they can be purchased through the website or app once available

And that’s it! Have some specific questions? Checkout more FAQs at our neighbur Support Desk.

How to Find an Event

Find events easily by following these guidelines…

  1. From the homepage or from FIND EVENTS enter some keywords that may match an event’s name or description.
  2. Include a location to help narrow your search results.
  3. Additional filters can narrow search results; select FILTER EVENTS link, set one or more categories, date range, pricing options and radius from location to search

    Note: If a category is selected, at least one category must match the event settings.

  4. Select from the category filters on the homepage to jump directly to matching events.

Find your event and enjoy!

The Do's and Don'ts of Creating an Event

To promote your event to its best potential requires some key rules to follow. Here are some of our suggestions…


  1. Promote early – even if you don’t have your ticketing information ready but have the event date – start promoting it by submitting the event now and adding the tickets later
  2. Add an event image to also help promote the event; showcase the talent, the experience and your organization
  3. Include details to clearly indicate what your customer can experience at your event
  4. Include contact details to allow customers to reach out regarding specific concerns or special needs


  1. Wait to the last minute to submit your event, you will lose many customers that search for events months ahead for planning purposes